in order of appearance in HANGBOY universe
  • HuMi (hoo-me) :  The Hu-Mi’s (regular Hangboys) are high in energy but low on IQ. They are excited and curious about everything. However they are often drifting and lacking focus. Fun and uplifting, They can take on anything with overly optimistic attitude.

  • MiMi (me-me) : The Mi-Mi’s (AKA Dark HANGBoY’s) live by the rules. They are highly organised and making sure things are in order. While they are ruthlessly keeping things under control they don’t know when to relax and taking everything seriously.

  • The Duck : The ever illusive creatures. We are not sure if they work for the  MiMi’s or the other way round. Hiding… plotting… conspiring…confirmed!

  • WiMi (wye-me) : The WiMi’s are unconsciously in sorrow. They never learn how to deal with pain. Nothing pleases the Ducks more to see a lot of WiMi’s roaming around the world.

  • NoMi (no-me) : NoMi’s are rare and often isolated. They question the status quo. A NoMi is a truth seeker…but one must be careful not to turn into a MiMi or WiMi.

STUFF : The tyrant of all thingies. The lord of DuckSide.

LUXI : Lightest and brightest. The Lights-cream holder teaches all to let go.