Juxtaposition of light and dark – HANGBOY WORLD WAR TOO started as a silly hobby and then increasingly grew into a full scale project. Extensive research and five years of making, HBWWTOO is¬†a one of the most unique set of artworks on earth!!ūüĆé


Funded as a¬†kickstarter.com¬†campaign, HUGE…HBWWTOO coffee table book made possible by the fans. There are only a handful of this limited self published book left.

If you cannot get the book from AMAZON.COM please send a message [here]


Tomb sized 16.4 x 10.3 x 0.9 inches / Hardbound With Jacket / 176 pages / full color on satin (100lb) paper

Colorful illustrations of the most epic and important WWII events

Graphite renderings

Panorama MAJOR battle scenes

Original sketches


**Not a significant source of accurate historical information.  Viewer discretion is advised**

Comments from happy adopters :

“Using his character Hangboy, Pao creates a world of comical and violent images taking place in WWII. The art is superb and creative. It’s interesting to imagine what goes on in the artist’s mind when creating his world, but then again you won’t have to, you can see it right there on the page. I enjoy the spots of modern imagery interspersed throughout. Very cool art book.”

Mitchell Bernal 5stars

“I supported this project as a comic lover and as a US Army veteran, because I felt it was important to share a lighter perspective upon a gruesome yet important part of history. There is a time for everything, that includes laughing amidst chaos. The art, and more so the author perspective, makes this tome (yes it’s huge) a collectors item for comic and military history lovers alike.”

Tope Oluwole 5stars

This book is absolutely brilliant! Pao’s diligent work will bring you smile after smile as you view each page. Every time I look at these prints I always find something new and amusing I had missed the previous times. This book is exceptional! Remember Hangboy’s motto, “Suffering is optional.”

-Eiji 5stars

“One of few artists that make me chuckle at every turn of the page. I get it, I’ve been there. I am there. Innovative and genius in simplicity. Evokes emotion in paculiar, silly and yet, theraputic fashion. Will reminds you at each turn of the page, you are not alone. I highly recommend picking up this beautifully formatted hardcover book. If not for an enthusiastic but adult conversation piece around the coffee table, each detailed vignette depicted by the artist reflects the professional world in a humorous, silly and thought provoking perspective. Put an exclamation in your collection. I can’t wait to see how the artist, evolves this character.”

Indobro 5stars

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